College of Human Sciences Office of Development

Investing in the Future

With the support of our friends and alumni - The Auburn Family - we continue to create globally aware, socially engaged, highly competitive graduates.

The Auburn Family is one of the most unique aspects of our beloved institution. It sets us apart in many ways, but especially in our commitment to giving back. There is no greater demonstration of the philanthropic spirit of the Auburn Family than that displayed by alumni and friends of the College of Human Sciences. Because of donor generosity, CHS leads the way in creating technically competent, globally aware, and socially engaged graduates who are prepared to meet the challenges of a rapidly changing world.

In order to continue to produce highly qualified, competitive graduates, we are dependent on financial contributions to supplement the minimal State funds that are allocated to the College. Donor programmatic support aids in offering students opportunities for growth outside of the classroom through study tours and learning experiences both in the US and abroad. Annual gifts underwrite student scholarships and professional enhancements for faculty, as well as equipment and software upgrades which provide cutting-edge technologies in the classrooms and laboratories. Endowed funds create donor legacy by providing perpetual funding sources that can be tailored to the wishes of the benefactor.

However you choose to contribute to CHS, your generosity is vital to both building and maintaining the reputation of the College of Human Sciences as a premier academic enterprise noted for the robustness of its programs, the quality of its faculty, and the richness of its experiences. It is the loyalty and support of alumni and friends like you who give back and ensure that the College of Human Sciences is the standard by which competing programs are measured.