The FCCP Mentoring Approach
Project Overview
Program Enrollment
Progress Toward Accreditation

A mentoring approach creates a sense of partnership that can facilitate new ways of perceiving and behaving in the child care setting and provide the impetus for change. Suggestions for quality improvements are more likely to be incorporated when given by an individual with whom the provider has developed a rapport and established a trusting relationship. Quality improvements are more likely to be relevant to a provider’s individual child care setting when given by a mentor who visits regularly and understands the strengths and constraints of the care giving context in which the provider works.

MENTORING OUTPUTS 2000-01 2001-02 2002-03*
Providers enrolled by the end of the year 155 198 202 // 133
Full-time/Part-time Mentors employed 19/1 23/1 23/1 // 9/8
Mentored training hours awarded to providers 5869 7541 5158 // 3572

Mentored training hours awarded to providers

1440 (1/2 yr.) 4726 1491 // 428
Average provider FDCRS** score at the end of project year 4.65 4.93 5.04 // 5.31
NAFCC Accredited providers 1 0 6 // 9
Providers in NAFCC application process 0 5 25
Providers in NAFCC self-study process 0 data unavailable 35

*1st and 2nd quarter numbers (prior to state budget cuts) // 3rd and 4th quarter numbers (after cuts)

** Family Day Care Rating Scale is a 32-item standardized child care quality assessment assessing quality across a range of specific indicators. A score of 7 is the highest possible.