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Quality Enhancement Activities Summary

July - September 2003 Quarterly Report

  • 17 mentors (9 full-time and 7 part-time or hourly employees) worked with 133 primary providers throughout the state and 48 of their assistants (in group homes).
  • 1 primary provider was added in the 1st quarter; 4 providers left the program.
  • The average number of primary providers seen by each full-time mentor was 9 and by each part-time mentor was 6.5 (range was 5 to 11 providers)
  • 81 primary providers received full services; 52 primary providers received reduced services and 44 received no services during this quarter due to budget cuts.
  • A total of 826 daily activity reports were submitted. Each daily activity report represents a mentor's visit to a family child care provider's home
  • Each mentor visit lasted an average of 2.32 hours
  • 7 providers received mock NAFCC observation visits and formal written feedback from the FCCP mentor coordinator in preparation for their official application to NAFCC for accreditation
  • 9 providers applied for NAFCC accreditation (received $495 FCCP scholarship)
  • 5 providers received word of their accreditation in the fourth quarter (or after the 3rd quarter report was filed)