Assessment and Impact

FCCP Provider Progress Toward Accreditation

Project Summary Report 10/31/03

Status Number of Providers County

16 providers

Shelby, Dale, Montgomery, Calhoun, Geneva, Tuscaloosa, Jefferson, Mobile, Jackson, Morgan, Madison

Applications sent to NAFCC(waiting for NAFCC to schedule observation)

3 providers from 2nd quarter

4 providers from 3rd quarter

5 providers from 4th quarter


Barbour, Limestone, Mobile, Lee, Shelby, Covington, Winston, Dale, Jefferson
Mock Observation completed (waiting for NAFCC to schedule observation) 10 providers Hale, Green, Mobile, Talladega, Montgomery, Tallapoosa, Jefferson, Sumter
Waiting for FCCP Mock Observation to be scheduled 7 providers Winston, Dale, Montgomery, Butler, Franklin, Covington
TOTAL number of providers completing or actively engaged in the accreditation process(as described above) 45 providers In 23 different counties


Non-Accredited Provider Progress
Of the 133 providers actively enrolled at the end of the 4th quarter (not including accredited providers), assessments of provider quality are as follows:

  • 8 providers are at "Stage 4" status (the highest of four quality stages assigned on the basis of quarterly mentor quality assessments using the Family Day Care Rating Scale and NAFCC indicators)
  • 99 providers were at "Stage 3" status (scores on the Family Day Care Rating Scale (FDCRS) are, across most items, in the "good - high good" range; encouraged to seek goal of accreditation)
  • 26 providers were evaluated to be in stage 2 (scores on the FDCRS need improvement)
  • 0 providers were evaluated to be in stage 1 (scores in need of focused improvement efforts)
  • 0 providers were being assessed at the time of this report