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-"I have more self confidence now than ever before."

-"My mentor always brings a lot of resources to me, she also picks things up I need and that allows me to do other things."

-"I think I have received more than I expected."

-"I like the program because you are showing the parents that you are going a step beyond the minimum standards."

-"I want to be among the top rated and top quality day care homes."

-"I have benefited most from working better and presenting better with the children."

-"She has been keeping a journal, extending her daycare, and applying age appropriate practices."

-"I have benefited in all areas of my personal and business life."

-"I have benefited a lot from the program and felt that I was a dead end but now I have my mentor to give me new ideas."

-"I feel that this is the best thing that happened to the daycare home business!"

-"I feel like the children and I are getting all that was expected and am happy to have someone (mentor) in my home that I can trust."

-"My mentor is a good person with a good attitude and is very inspirational!"

-"I now have a higher self -esteem."

-"I am able to attend the monthly meetings my mentor has."

-"My mentor is an excellent teacher, I have no former reservations with her, and she's very receptive."

-"My mentor is a great person! When she recommends something I don't have problems with it because she
was looking out for my best interest."

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