What the provider liked best about FCCP:

“Information and ideas, someone realizing the importance of home day care.”
“I’ve learned to do new things for babies in my daycare.”
“The sharing of ideas, solutions to challenges between daycare homes.”
“Support for an undersupported and undervalued profession!”

Ways in which the mentor had been helpful:
“She has helped me realize…there is a lot to learn about babies and their needs.”
“I now have a fire drill set up and many more things that had to be done that she has helped me with.”
“She has given me new ambition. After 12 years one tends to get caught in a dull rut doing the same activities day in and out. [My mentor] has brought newness with exciting new ideas.”
“She helped me see things I couldn’t see to improve my Day care.”

FCCP’s hands-on mentoring approach, combined with its statewide push to pursue higher standards of care through the NAFCC accreditation process, is making strides in encouraging more intentional and professional attitudes toward caring for children among Alabama family child care providers.

Comments from Participating Providers
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