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What does child (day) care mean?
Child day care is the care by a parent substitute for a portion of a 24-hour day. The term " day care " service refers to both "day time" care and "night-time" care. "Night-time" care is usually provided after 7:00 p.m. This would also include so-called "third-shift", "odd hour", and week-end care.

How are day care providers licensed or approved?
If a provider is required to be licensed or chooses to be licensed, a staff member from either the County or State Department of Human Resources performs that function.

How do I get on the USDA Food and Nutrition program?
Contact the State Department of Education at 334-242-8249.

How do I start a Day Care Center?
Contact the Department of Human Resources Child Day Care Partnership at (334) 242-1425 and request to speak to Child Care Intake. A packet of information will be mailed to you upon your request to this unit.

How do I start a Day Care Home?
Contact the Department of Human Resources office in your county.

How do I get a copy of the Child Care Minimum Standards?
Two documents are available for your review: