Bachelor of Science in Global Studies

The Global Studies in Human Sciences curriculum is designed to educate students on relevant global issues, the realities of globalization and how local and global issues are interconnected. Through required course work in the major and minor field, students will gain first-hand experience and be prepared for professional careers in the global studies field as it relates to human sciences.

The Global Studies in Human Sciences major draws on content relevant to human sciences (e.g., international nutrition, hunger and food insecurity, microlending and entrepreneurship, environmental sustainability, maternal and child health, education of women and girls, global markets, goods and services, humanitarian aid and social policy) as well as the faculty expertise of the Dean’s administrative team and the three departments in the College.

The main learning outcomes for this degree are:

  • Students will be able to identify, articulate, and debate the importance of abroad range of issues that have both local and global significance in human sciences.
    Outcome 2:
  • Students will be able to research and critically analyze empirical information to solve real-world problems relevant to human sciences.
    Outcome 3:
  • Students will be able to design and execute an independent and comprehensive project in the global studies filed that will prepare them to function effectively in professional careers in this field.
    Outcome 4:
  • Students will increase their abilities to function effectively in four domains of Cultural Intelligence (CQ) which are drive, knowledge, strategy and action as measured by the empirically validated Cultural Intelligence test.

Global Studies Curriculum


Graduates of the Global Studies in Human Sciences program are in demand in both the public and private sectors. Employment opportunities are available in the U.S. government, global justice, humanitarian aid, faith-based, philanthropic, and nongovernmental organizations (NGOs), as well as private business. Examples of potential career sites include the World Food Programme, Red Cross, UNICEF, Department of Defense, and domestic and foreign multinational companies (i.e., IBM, Coca Cola, CNN, Mercedes Benz). Students also will be prepared to pursue higher education degrees in global studies, international relations, law, theology and related fields.

World Food Programme
World Food Programme
World Food Programme
World Food Programme


A 12 credit hour global internship is required of all students enrolled in this major. Students may take advantage of the College of Human Sciences’ existing international agreements with Stenden University (Netherlands) which allow students to pursue an internship in the Netherlands, South Africa, Bali, Qatar and Thailand. The College of Human Sciences also has successful study abroad programs and professional contacts in the Bahamas, Fiji, Italy and Jordan that will open doors to many internship opportunities. Each student will work closely with an internship advisor to develop an individualized plan that meets career goals.

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