The Global Studies in Human Sciences curriculum is designed to educate students on relevant global issues, the realities of globalization and how global issues are interconnected. Through required course work in the major and minor field, students will gain first-hand experience and be prepared for professional careers in the global studies field as it relates to human sciences.
Graduates of the Global Studies in Human Sciences program are in demand in both the public and private sectors. Employment opportunities are available in the U.S. government, global justice, humanitarian aid, faith-based, philanthropic, and non-governmental organizations (NGO’s), as well as private business. Examples of potential career sites include the World Food Programme, Red Cross, UNICEF, Department of Defense, and domestic and foreign multi-national companies (i.e. IBM, Coca Cola, CNN, Mercedes Benz). Students also will be prepared to pursue higher education degrees in global studies, international relations, law, theology and related fields.
Study Abroad is an opportunity to move beyond the classroom and put theory into action. Whether it is living in a Chigi palace in Ariccia, Italy, studying humanitarian assistance in South Africa, or living on a remote island with a Fijian tribe, the broad scope of the Study Abroad programs in the College of Human Sciences will bring a depth of experience to your studies that is an invaluable part of your college career and growth as a global citizen.
The Office of Global Education offers Study Abroad Programs in Italy, the Bahamas, Fiji, Jordan, London, Peru, Cuba, South Africa, and a month-long backpacking trek across Europe. Our flagship, Joseph S. Bruno Auburn Abroad in Italy program also allows students to live in a Chigi Palace in Ariccia, Italy as well as earn the 16-credit hour International Minor in Human Sciences in one semester.
Students majoring in Global Studies in Human Sciences can choose from one of the following minors to complete their degree: International Minor in Human Sciences (On and Off-Campus options), Hunger Studies, Philanthropy and Non-Profit Studies, Human Development and Family Science , Business, Sustainability, Public Health, and Global Cultures Minors.
The Joseph S. Bruno Auburn Abroad in Italy program in which a student can earn the International Minor in one semester while studying abroad in Ariccia, Italy;
an on/off-campus program for students to complete both foreign language and human sciences content competencies on campus, followed by a for credit study abroad experience in an approved international venue.
Students may take advantage of the College of Human Sciences’ existing international agreements with Stenden University (Netherlands) which allows students to pursue an internship in the Netherlands, South Africa, Bali, Qatar and Thailand. The College of Human Sciences also has professional contacts in the Bahamas, Fiji, Italy and Jordan that will open doors to many internship opportunities. The Office of Global Education is also working with the Office of International Programs to develop and oversee international internship agreements. Each student will work closely with an internship advisor to develop an individualized plan that meets career goals. Please note, that internships must have a global focus but do not necessarily need to be overseas.
Yes, pending prior approval from your academic advisor and the Director of the Office of Global Education.

For any questions about the Joseph S. Bruno Auburn Abroad in Ariccia, Italy study abroad program, see the Joseph S. Bruno Auburn Abroad in Italy FAQ page.


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