Advanced Research Methods for Developmental and Family Studies (Graduate Certificate)

Graduate students in HDFS can apply to this optional certificate to recognize the completion of additional training in research methods and statistics, beyond core course requirements. Courses for the certificate are designed to provide a well-rounded background in methodology and statistics in social sciences, with an emphasis on application to developmental and family sciences. Completion of the certificate will be noted on the student's transcript.

Register for the Advanced Research Methods Certificate

Application Requirements:

Transcripts: If you submitted your official transcript(s) when you applied for graduate school at Auburn University it is not necessary to submit your transcript(s) when you apply for the certificate program. You can leave that part of the application empty when you complete it.

Personal Statement: Please submit a 1-2 page double-spaced letter about your interest in the certificate program and the value of the certificate program for your career plans. Please briefly describe relevant courses you have already completed.

Letter of Recommendation: Please submit a 1-2 page double-spaced letter of recommendation that describes how the applicant will benefit from completing the certificate. The letter would typically be from the applicant’s major professor, but could be from someone else.

Graduate Certificate requires 18 semester hours.

HDFS Core Requirements     12 hours
Elective Courses     6 hours

Course Titles and Associated Credits

Required Courses: (12 hours)

HDFS 7050
A Research Methods in Human Development and Family Studies I
HDFS 7060
Research Methods in Human Development and Family Studies II
HDFS 8050
Covariance Structure Analysis
HDFS 8060
Multilevel Modeling


Elective Courses: (6 hours - two out of three elective courses below)

HDFS 8070
Moderation and Mediation Analysis
HDFS 8080
Survival and Latent Class Analysis
HDFS 8090
Qualitative Methods in the Social Sciences