HDFS Undergraduate ePortfolio

In Fall 2014, the HDFS department initiated the ePortfolio in the undergraduate curriculum. The ePortfolio is a 21st century method for communicating experience, demonstrating learning, and showcasing skills that support professional goals. The ePortfolio is a website directed to a professional audience and through reflective contextualization it presents a variety of artifacts that conveys the student’s preparedness for accomplishing their goals.

All HDFS undergraduate majors are expected to create an ePortfolio prior to graduation. Typically, students will begin their ePortfolio in HDFS 2030 and finalize it during the HDFS 4920 internship experience. Information about the HDFS ePortfolio requirements are provided below.

HDFS ePortfolio Road Map

The HDFS ePortfolio Road Map provides an overview of the HDFS ePortfolio project and offers suggestions for collecting artifacts in courses across the HDFS undergraduate curriculum. Artifacts are examples of class work and experiences that demonstrate preparation for accomplishing professional goals.
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HDFS ePortfolio Rubric

The HDFS ePortfolio Rubric provides guidance in developing the ePortfolio and it also is used as a grading tool in HDFS 2030 and HDFS 4920. Students should strive for professionalism in the presentation of their ePortfolio based on the criteria set forth in the rubric.
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HDFS ePortfolio Rubric Definitions

The HDFS ePortfolio definitions handout provides detailed descriptions of the criteria evaluated through the HDFS Rubric. Students also should use the definitions to guide the development of their ePortfolio.
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HDFS Undergraduate Award for ePortfolio Excellence

Each Spring semester the HDFS department recognizes two excellent undergraduate ePortfolios with monetary awards. The first award recognizes a HDFS sophomore or junior-level student who demonstrates excellence in the presentation of a beginning ePortfolio. The second award recognizes a HDFS senior who demonstrates excellence in the presentation of their final ePortfolio. ePortfolios submitted for consideration will be evaluated by a panel of HDFS faculty using the HDFS ePortfolio Rubric and additional award criteria.

Students can gain additional assistance in developing their ePortfolio through the Auburn University ePortfolio Project, by attending the ePortfolio Development meetings offered each semester by the HDFS department, and utilizing the resources provided through the Media Digital Resource Lab in the RBD Library.