About Human Sciences

Welcome to the Auburn University College of Human Sciences

The College of Human Sciences is proud of its reputation as one of Auburn’s most vibrant, engaging, and intellectually stimulating academic units. In its pursuit of Science for a Quality Life, the needs of individuals and families are addressed in the context of their environments by applying scientific principles to solve the practical problems of everyday living.

Students who enroll in CHS become part of a culture where science and social responsibility converge, supporting 21st century educational best practices. Rigorous academic curricula bridge the arts and sciences, combine theory and application, and integrate global understanding and social engagement with technical competence. Outstanding faculty scholars instruct and mentor undergraduate and graduate students, serving as a support system to maximize personal and professional growth.

The College of Human Sciences at Auburn University is truly a place that challenges students academically and prepares them for exciting, rewarding careers in the global marketplace. Employers compete vigorously for CHS majors, with career opportunities as varied and dynamic as the Human Sciences curricula. We invite you to look further and see how we are inspiring the next generation to meet the challenges of our changing world.


The College of Human Sciences is a dynamic, challenging learning environment where students become professionally competent, globally aware, and socially engaged as they develop into 21st century leaders. This academic paradigm that reaches beyond the classroom to open students' minds and broaden world views, differentiates CHS graduates in the global marketplace. It further enables them to positively impact the health and well-being of individuals, families, and consumers in pursuit of a sustainable world. CHS students and faculty will excel in teaching, research, and outreach locally and internationally, thus elevating the reputation of Auburn University with the College of Human Sciences setting the quality standards by which competing programs are measured.


The mission of the College of Human Sciences is to enhance human well-being and quality of life worldwide through the integrated study of individuals, families, and their environments. Human Sciences programs educate professionals, generate knowledge, and deliver outreach programs that offer science-based solutions to address society's most pressing life issues.