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     Faculty in The Department of Nutrition, Dietetics, and Hospitality Management are actively engaged in cutting-edge research, funded by the USDA, American Diabetes Association, Diabetes Action Research and Education Foundation, the Alabama Agricultural Experiment Station, and several other internal and external funding agencies. Current broad areas of research include:

Molecular Nutrition

Nutirtional Genomics

Nutritional Physiology

Community Nutrition

A major research focus in the Department of Nutrition and Food Science is on obesity and diabetes. Molecular mechanisms of insulin resistance, humoral factors that modulate insulin sensitivity, bioactive components, and omega-3 and other essential fatty acids in the improvement of insulin action are some areas of active research.

        In addition, human nutrition research in obesity and metabolic syndrome,                      epidemiological studies, and nutrition education programs to prevent childhood              obesity, offer training opportunities for graduate students and postdoctoral                    research fellows.
Fluorescence microscopy

The Department of Nutrition and Food Science, housed in the first floor of Poultry Science building, built in 2005, has over 7,500 sq.ft of research lab-space, in addition to conference rooms and office space for faculty and graduate students.

Core scientific equipment include Beckman Optima L-100 XP ultracentrifuge, high-speed centrifuges, fluorescence microscopy, UV-VIS spectrophotometers, CO2 incubators, biological safety cabinets, microplate readers, Image analyzers, liquid scintillation and gamma counters, HPLC and GC systems,


real-time quantitative PCR, electrophoresis units, sonicators, autoclaves, icemaker and deep freezers. A walk-in cold room and freezer room are also available. Faculty and students engaged in animal research avail AAALAC-certified facilities, managed by veterinarians, and staff of Lab Animal Health. Auburn University has an Advanced Microscopy and Imaging Laboratory which houses several electron microscopes, confocal scanning laser microscopes, and several inverted fluorescence microscopes.

Real-time Quantitative PCR

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