Graduate Programs in Brewing Science and Operations
Auburn University offers two distinct graduate programs in Brewing Science and Operations – a Graduate Certificate and Master of Science program.

The Graduate Certificate Program is designed to prepare students for successful career entry in the malting, brewing, and distilling industries, while the Master of Science Program provides additional in-depth study for advanced placement in the craft brewing industry. Eligible students have the option of enrolling on either program with all credits from the Graduate Certificate Program (18 in total) counting towards the Master of Science Program (33 credit hours in total).

Program Overview

Both programs are entirely online. This distance education format marries traditional educational approaches with real world application leading to a state-of-the-art interactive learning experience – the Brewing Practicum. To this end, the program has partnered with New Realm Brewing Company and other craft beer industry members nationally, to showcase best practices in all aspects of the brewing process and brewing industry.

Student Spotlight
Drew Kostic leaning agaist the bar with a beer glass and breing tanks behind him.
Drew Kostic ‘17
Head Brewer & On-site Manager — Auburn, AL

Drew Kostic, Brewing Science and Operations Alumnus, serves as the new Head Brewer and On-site Manager at the New Realm Brewing Company in the Tony and Libba Rane Culinary Science Center. After graduating from Colgate and then Duke Law school, Kostic decided to follow his passion for brewing and graduated from the College of Human Sciences Brewing Science and Operations program in 2017. His knowledge and passion for brewing made him the ideal fit for the microbrewery.
“This program’s practicality gave me the confidence I needed to succeed as a brewmaster,” Kostic said. “I am only here because of Auburn.”