2020 International Quality of Life Awards Honorees:
The Heroes of Covid-19

In light of the heroic actions by people, partnerships and organizations amid a global pandemic, the College of Human Sciences at Auburn University’s 2020 International Quality of Life Awards recognizes the heroes of Covid-19 for their work improving quality of life through an unprecedented year.
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Julie Broadway headshot
Julie Broadway
Honored by Nick Davis
Walker Area Community Foundation logo Walker Area Community Foundation
Honored by Beth Thorne Stukes
Ashley Lovell, Chauntel Norris and Alabama Prison Birth Project collage
Ashley Lovell, Chauntel Norris and Alabama Prison Birth Project
Honored by Julie Broadway
Daniel Lieb headshot Daniel Lieb
Honored by Nick Davis
Dr. James B. Whatley headshot Dr. James B. Whatley
Honored by Taylor and Lydia Pursell
 Dr. David Thrasher headshot Dr. David Thrasher
Honored by Montgomery Friends
Dr. Carlos Garner headshot Dr. Carlos Garner
Honored by Dr. David Thrasher
José Andrés  headshot José Andrés
Honored by Jerry Link
Dr. Fred Kam headshot Dr. Fred Kam
Honored by Sandra Spencer
Daniel McClain headshot Daniel McClain
Honored by Nick Davis
Sergio Marentes headshot Sergio Marentes
Honored by Nick Davis
Food Bank of East Alabama staff piicture Food Bank of East Alabama
Honored by Harriet Giles
Judith Condon headshot Judith Condon
Honored by Martha and Allen Reed
Susan Hubbard headshot Susan Hubbard, Ed.D.
Honored by David and Karen Tidwell
Roopa Dhatt headshot Dr. Roopa Dhatt
Honored by Nicole Schiegg
Lakeside Clinic  front Lakeside Clinic
Honored by Lynn and Janet Selvage
Publix Store front Publix Store #0536
Honored by Carolyn Salanitri
Dr. Anthony Fauci  headshot Dr. Anthony Fauci
Honored by June Henton
Ronald W. Fleitz headshot Ronald W. Fleitz
Honored by Michelle McBride
Lady Cox Headshot Dr. Lady Cox
Honored by Chris and Clare Heacox
 Nick Davis headshot Nick Davis
Honored by Bill Alverson and Doug Benefield
Deana Kirby headshot Deana Kirby
Honored by Kim Hendrix
Laura Cooper headshot Laura Cooper
Honored by Arthur Cooper
Suzanne Lacey headshot Dr. Suzanne Lacey
Honored by Sallie Chastain
Silverado Herman Park Memory Care Community building Silverado Herman Park Memory Care Community
Honored by Deborah Leighton
Paul Littlejohn headshot Paul Littlejohn
Honored by Katrina Akande and Nakia Jones
Skylar Moore headshot Dr. Skylar Moore
Honored by Mike Stover
College of Human Sciences logo College of Human Sciences Faculty and Staff
Honored by Susan Hubbard
Nicole Schiegg headshot Nicole Schiegg
Honored by Kate Thornton
Cristen Herring photo with Auburn City School logo Dr. Cristen Herring, ACS Adminstrators and Teachers
Honored by Mr. and Mrs. Bill Ham Jr.
 Aaron Nette headshot Lt. Aaron Nette, RN
Honored by Mr. and Mrs. Gene Dulaney
Caroline Delaney Nette holding her dog. Caroline Dulaney Nette, RN
Honored by Mr. and Mrs. Gene Dulaney
Church of the Highlands  teal and white logo Church of the Highlands
Honored by Kim McCurdy
Global Health Corps green and white logo Heather Anderson and Global Health Corps
Honored by Tara Dziedic
 Shirley Lazenby  headshot. Shirley Lazenby
Honored by Sid James
Laura Ostrye headshot Laura Ostrye
Honored by Sid James