HDFS Administration


Angela Wiley headshot

Professor & Head
(334) 844-4151
203 Spidle Hall
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Angela Wiley Ph.D.
Dorothy McKinnon headshot
Lead Administrative Assistant
(334) 844-3220
278C Spidle Hall
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Dorothy McKinnon
Adam Greer headshot
HDFS Career Services Specialist
(334) 844-3293
206D Spidle Hall
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Adam Greer
Julee Nappier headshot
HDFS Administrative Associate
(334) 844-4151
203 Spidle Hall
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Julee Nappier



HDFS Faculty


Francesca Adler-Baeder headshot

(334) 844-3234
263 Spidle Hall
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Francesca Adler-Baeder Ph.D.
Katrina A. R. Akande headshot

Assistant Professor and Extension Specialist
(334) 844-4151
286 Spidle Hall
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Katrina A. R. Akande Ph.D.
Robert Bubb headshot
206B Spidle Hall
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Robert R. Bubb Ph.D.
Amanda Butler headshot
Instructor and Director of Child Life Programs
(334) 844-5132
Early Learning Center
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Amanda Newberry Butler M.S., CCLS
Cory L. Cobb headshot

Assistant Professor
(334) 844-4109
334D Spidle Hall
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Cory L. Cobb Ph.D.
Adrienne Duke headshot

Associate Professor & Extension Specialist
(334) 844-4091
203 Spidle Hall
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Adrienne Duke Ph.D.
Mona El-Sheikh   headshot
Leonard Peterson & Co., Inc. Professor
(334) 844-3294
260 Spidle Hall
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Mona El-Sheikh Ph.D.
Stephen Erath headshot
Associate Professor & Graduate Program Officer
(334) 844-3236
203 Spidle Hall
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Stephen A. Erath Ph.D.
Cynthia A. Frosch Headshot

Associate Professor
206E Spidle Hall
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Cynthia A. Frosch Ph.D.
Thomas Fuller-Rowell Headshot

Associate Professor
(334) 844-3218
258 Spidle Hall
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Thomas Fuller-Rowell Ph.D.
Ben Hinnant headshot

Associate Professor
(334) 844-3259
288 Spidle Hall
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Ben Hinnant Ph.D.
Jennifer L. Kerpelman headshot
Professor & Associate Dean for Research, Graduate Studies & Outreach
(334) 844-3790
210 Spidle Hall
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Jennifer L. Kerpelman Ph.D.
Scott Ketring  headshot
Associate Professor & Director of Marriage and Family Therapy Program
(334) 844-4479
312 Quad Drive
Glanton House
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Scott A. Ketring Ph.D.
Kyle L. Kostelecky headshot

Associate Professor
(334) 844-3231
278A Spidle Hall
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Kyle L. Kostelecky Ph.D., CFLE
Mallory Lucier-Greer headshot

Associate Professor
(334) 844-3230
262 Spidle Hall
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Mallory Lucier-Greer Ph.D.
Julianne McGill  headshot
Research Assistant Professor
(334) 844-3189
110B M White Smith Hall
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Julianne McGill Ph.D.

 Lisa Moyer headshot

203 Spidle Hall
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Lisa Moyer Ph.D.
Joshua Novak headshot
Assistant Professor
(334) 844-4456
Glanton House
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Joshua R. Novak Ph.D.
Caroline Purvis Ph.D.

Jamie Sailors  headshot

Director of Undergraduate Programs
(334) 844-3217
206F Spidle Hall

Jamie Sailors Ph.D.

Diana Samek headshot

Associate Professor
(334) 844-3173
278B Spidle Hall
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Diana Samek Ph.D.

Wendy Troop-Gordon  headshot
(334) 844-3295
206 CHEER Building
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Wendy Troop-Gordon Ph.D.

Brian  Vaughn headshot

Human Sciences Professor
(334) 844-3235
205 CHEER Building
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Brian E. Vaughn Ph.D.

Silvia Vilches headshot

Extension Specialist & Assistant Professor
(334) 844-3772
201 Spidle Hall
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Silvia L. Vilches, Ph.D.

Elif Yildirim headshot
Assistant Professor
(334) 844-3204
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Elif Dede Yildirim, Ph.D.



HDFS Center Faculty
Joseph A. Buckhalt headshot
Assistant Director, Harris Early Learning Center of Birmingham
(205) 252-5060
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Diana R. Blackwell M.S.
Joseph A. Buckhalt headshot
Instructor, Auburn University Early Learning Center
(334) 844-4696
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Emily Cumbie
Jennifer Wood headshot
Head Teacher, Auburn University Early Learning Center
Instructor, HDFS

(334) 844-4696
206 Early Learning Center
325 Thach Conc
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Jennifer L. Wood, M.S.
HDFS Image Holder
Director, Harris Early Learning Center of Birmingham
(205) 252-5060
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Robbie Roberts Ph.D.
Margaret Vollenweider headshot
Instructor & Assistant Director, Auburn University Early Learning Center
(334) 844-5131
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Margaret Vollenweider M.S.
Sharon Wilbanks Headshot
Director, Auburn University Early Learning Center
(334) 844-4696
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Sharon Wilbanks M.S.


HDFS Emeriti Faculty
Art Averyheadshot
Art Avery
Professor Emeritus
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Art Avery Ph.D.
Marilyn R. Bradbard headshot
Professor Emeritus
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Marilyn R. Bradbard Ph.D.
Leanne Lamke headshot
Professor Emeritus
(205) 252-5060
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Leanne Lamke Ph.D.
Jacquelyn Mize headshot
Professor Emeritus
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Jacquelyn Mize Ph.D.
Gregory Pettit Headshot
Human Sciences Professor Emeritus
(334) 844-4696
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Gregory S. Pettit Ph.D.
Joe Pittman, Jr. Ph.D. Headshot
Professor Emeritus
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Joe F. Pittman, Jr. Ph.D.
Donna Lynn Sollie Headshot
Professor Emeritus
(334) 844-4696
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Donna Lynn Sollie Ph.D.
Thomas Smith headshot
Professor Emeritus
(334) 844-4476
Glanton House
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Thomas A. Smith Ph.D.