Department of Consumer and Design Sciences

Apparel Merchandising, Design, & Production Management
Apparel Design & Production Management Undergraduate Intership Guide

2.0 gapped gpa
Completed CADS 3750 (C or better)
Departmental approval

  1. Attend the mandatory internship planning meeting during Fall term before the Spring, Summer, or Fall term of the coming year when you plan to do your internship.

  2. Read, complete and sign Intent to Intern Form and submit to your Program Coordinator following the mandatory Fall meeting and by October 15. Submission of the form does not preclude a change in plans at a later date.

Keep your Program Coordinator informed as you plan for your internship.

  • Let him/her know if you change or add locations that you are exploring. S/he may hear of opportunities but cannot share them if s/he does not know where you want to be.
  • Let him or her know if you decide to do your internship in a different term.

Learning objectives:

1. Enhance professional skills

  • Your internship should enable you to gain an understanding of the role of a professional, including the professional's responsibilities, and ethical code of conduct.
  • You should expect to enhance professional growth and development by applying knowledge and skills developed in your academic program and acquiring skills in retail management, merchandising, design, apparel product development, and/or other industry related areas.

2. Practice communication skills

  • You should expect to develop speaking skills to be comfortable in front of clients, executive leaders, and colleagues when presenting and expressing ideas, practice accepting both criticism and feedback, and applying other principles and concepts learned in formal course work in a career setting.

3. Increase preparation for your career

  • You should expect to be given an opportunity to acquire skills in retail management and merchandising, design and apparel product development, and industry related support areas.
  • You should gain an understanding of the satisfactions and challenges of a career in the retail, design and product development, or related support industry.
  • Your internship should enable you to become familiar with the overall structure, functions and operation in the retail, design and product development, or related support industry.

  • The internship site must agree to your working full time (40 hours per week) for 10 weeks. Under some circumstances, the intern may work slightly fewer hours per week and for more than 10 weeks to complete 400 hours.
  • The site should not be owned or managed by one of your family members, even if distant.
  • The company needs to have a well-established business; for a relatively new firm, this means several years of successful operation and the existence of personnel with previous experience in the business to share with you.
  • The firm must agree to your having access to people or information that are needed to complete course requirements (e.g., allowing you to interview personnel and complete an internship project).
Potential sites
  • Companies can range from small to large.
  • Companies do not have to have a formal internship program.
  • Although it is hoped that all interns will be paid, there can be valid opportunities where interns may not be paid or may receive partial compensation.
  • Consult Dr. Ulrich before you proceed with a site that may not meet requirements.

Note that a Design Option student will not be approved for a placement where the internship experience is Merchandising-oriented (and vice versa).

International internships: Students who wish to pursue these should see Dr. Warfield for more information.

List of Possible Internship & Job Websites

Tips for Cover Letters & Resumes

Interview Tips

Information to Share with Prospective Employers

Application Checklist

Students are responsible for initiating the application process. Submit the completed application packet to your Program Coordinator.

Checklist for the application packet (your Program Coordinator will not sign the contract without a completed packet)

___ APDP Internship Contract -- the internship firm supervisor must sign after you sign

___ Resume

___ Credit Check

___ Internship Compensation Form

___ Permission to Use Student Work Form

___ Hold Harmless Form

___ Dining Exemption Form

The CADS Department Head, Dr. Warfield, is the last person to sign the Contract. With her approval, the CADS Office will enroll you in 4920.

  • You should be enrolled by the end of the term prior to the internship.
  • If not, you must be enrolled at the beginning of the internship term with enough time allocated to complete the 10 week requirement.


Compensation Form

Permission to Use Student Work

Hold Harmless Form

Dining Exemption Form


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