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Brewing Science & Operations: Courses

HOSP 7106 - The Business of Brewing

This course provides students with an introduction to the modern day brewing industry, its historical development and organization and the full range of strategic and operational challenges faced in developing, launching and operating an effective and efficient brewery. Students prepare a business plan for a brewery over the course of the semester.

HOSP 7116 - Brewing Materials

This course focuses on the materials used in the brewing industry including, but not limited to, malt, wheat, hops, and adjuncts.

HOSP 7126 - Brewing Science 1

A comprehensive analysis of the science of beer brewing covering production of sweet wort from milling of grain to mashing and saccrification, the wort boiling biochemistry including hop as well as adjunct ingredient addition and utilization, yeast selection and character based on biology and genetics and finally fermentation. Quality analysis and predicted outcomes as a consequence of selection of ingredients and methods are also discussed.

RMT 7136 - Brewing Science 2

A comprehensive analysis of the science of beer brewing, following from Brewing Science 1, covering the effects of environment and yeast selection on fermentation and maturation of fermented wort to beer including post-fermentation adjunct addition, carbonation methods, filtration, high gravity brewing, cask ale production and process quality, flavor and control. This includes analysis of flaws and spoilage as well as their causes. Discussion and management of brewing microbiology is also discussed.

HOSP 7146 - Facilities and Operations Management

This course provides students with important knowledge and skills required to successfully develop, maintain, manage and operate the facilities and specialized equipment required in modern day brewing. As the number of both home and commercial brewers have increased, there is a distinct need to provide these individuals with the skills necessary to successfully operate their brewing plants. This course helps to prepare those individuals interested in both commercial and home brewing.

HOSP 7916 - Practicum in Brewing Science

This course focuses on the application of theory in a fully commercial brewing setting. Students are required to source a professional practicum opportunity with a commercial brewer and gain first-hand experience of the various aspects of the brewing process.


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