The HOSP program begins consideration of an application when all required materials are received. The application materials include:

1. Application for admission (available online from the Graduate School Web Page). Applications must be accompanied by the required fee. These fees may be paid online via credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, or Discover) at the end of the application process. Applications and records will not be processed until the application fee has been received by the Graduate School.

2. One official transcript of all undergraduate- and graduate-level study from each school previously attended. An applicant who, because of current enrollment, cannot provide final transcripts at the time of application must submit transcripts of all completed study, as well as incomplete transcripts from the current institution. Applicants do not need to provide transcripts for credits earned at Auburn University. Transcripts should be sent directly to the Graduate School.

3. Applicants whose native language is not English must submit the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) or International English Language Testing System (IELTS). To be considered for admission, applicants must score at least 79 on the internet TOEFL (iBT), 213 on the computer TOEFL (cBT), 550 on the paper TOEFL (pBT), or 6.5 Overall Band Score on the IELTS.

4. International students must also complete a Statement of Finances Form from the Graduate School. This form certifies that a specific amount of money is available to support the applicant's education and living expenses while at Auburn University.

5. A detailed resume or curriculum vitae, to be uploaded with the online application.

6. At least three letters of recommendation from individuals who are able to speak to your ability to pursue graduate studies. The letters should be submitted on the online application system by the recommenders. Academic references are the preferred source of recommendation, especially for PhD applicants. If an applicant to the MS program completed their undergraduate degree a long time ago and unable to acquire recommendations from their former professors, including recommendation letters from managers/employers are acceptable. In all cases, the letters of recommendation are intended to speak to your ability to successfully pursue graduate studies. HOSP graduate faculty will be interested in how your recommenders discuss both your work (e.g., strengths, skills, achievements) and personality (e.g., motivation, attitude, ability to work with others). We will need to see related examples, stories and anecdotes that gave your recommenders the impression they have of you as a candidate.

7. A Personal Statement (not to exceed two pages) that the admission committee can use to get a sense of you as a whole person. The letter is to be uploaded with the online application. Use this letter as an opportunity to share:

  •   Your life experiences that can serve as an evidence for your ability to be persistent and successful, and whether any of these experiences equipped
      you with unique perspectives that you could contribute to the HOSP graduate program, field, or profession.
  •   Examples of how you engage with others.
  •   Contexts around any perceived gaps or weaknesses in your academic records.
  •   Your future plans.
  •   Any additional information that may aid the HOSP graduate faculty in evaluating applicant's personal preparation and aptitude
      for graduate study at HOSP.

8. Applicants to the Ph.D. program must submit a research interest statement (not to exceed two pages). The statement describes any past research involvement and preparation, current research interests and how you became interested in your chosen area of study within the hospitality and tourism fields, and future research works to be completed, especially if the applicant has begun to focus on more specific research questions. Although knowledge and ideas of successful applicants will develop throughout their graduate program, this statement should communicate the depth of interest and comprehension of your research interests, realization of what goes into research, and the scholarly skills you want to learn.

9. While the information that is essential in making admission decisions is included within our required documents, applicants have the option to submit supplementary application material that allow them to best represent themselves. Members of the admission committee may consider the supplementary material when making the decision. This may include, but not limited to, GRE or GMAT exam scores, academic papers, additional letter of recommendation, portfolios, and media (links to video, audio, or images). These materials are entirely optional, and we recommend that the applicant thinks carefully before sending in too many extra supplementary material.

HOSP Graduate Program Handbook
HOSP Graduate Program FAQs
Additional Graduate Program FAQs from the Auburn University Graduate School.

For further questions about the application process email Dr. Ayoun:

Dr. Baker Ayoun
HOSP Graduate Programs Officer
Horst Schulze School of Hospitality Management
324H Rane Culinary Science Center
205 South College Street
Auburn University, AL 36830

To apply for our program, visit the Graduate School Web Page.